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A CORDA- Italian for "Stringed".

A Corda is a group of young musicians all playing stringed instruments of different variations.

The group consists of a three-piece band (guitar, bass, & piano) and a quartet orchestra.

A Corda is a group that breaks musical boundaries, ranging in genres from pop, punk

rock, alternative, blue-eyed soul, acoustic and everything in between due to their ability

to play electric and acoustic versions of their instruments.

The group hails from Wycoff, New Jersey, starting out as a garage band in high school.

The three band members then recruited their four talented friends to perform a cover

song. Now they write and perform all their songs. Their influences range from Jason

Mraz, John Mayer, The Jonas Brothers, Yellowcard, Dave Matthew's Band, Coldplay,

& OneRepublic. Still a small band, but certainly one that people should watch for.

Watch the videos below to see some of the inspirations of A Corda! (On the second video, I would suggest turning down the volume. A lot.)

Rachel E. (Still under construction. And yes, I had to add that one band :) )