Welcome to Orchestra Ahoy™!

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Ahoy!™ is the worlds only at sea orchestra. They practise at sea and arrive and play at docks for concerts.

THE CREW John Almay Concert MasterLisa Baftly Electric BassGeorge Brand CelloArmani Zeolo ViolaThistle Scott PercussionTammy Ward Acoustic GuitarCaleb Arnted VocalsLeonard Clancy Electric GuitarGaby Behrens<3!

The crew truely has dedicated their lives to this music, they live out on a ship in the middle of the ocean, leaving their families behind.
They love what they are doing, though, and would not be in this position if they didn't love it.
The Crew travels around the world via their big pirate ships and plays at docks for live audiences.
They deserve a big round of applause.


Ahoy!™ has a unique sound. It sounds like pirate rock. If you could imagine pirates rocking out, that is what Ahoy!™ sounds like.
Ahoy! is a good example of music fusion. They have fused together what sounds like rock and irish music with a fast paced beat. So now I bet you are absolutely dying to hear them. There is a video posted below. =]