August Days is an exciting new band with an incredibly unlikely story of how they came together.
It all started when two identical twin girls that were separated from birth coincidently were going to go to the same college in August. What made this even more interesting is that they didn't know each other existed until one day they caught a glimpse of each other on campus. Totally confused they went to talk to each other, and they learned the real truth about their separated past. From then on they became best friends, and even had a duet group of violin and cello. After a performance a year after they met, a group invited them to join their band saying, "These classical instruments are just what our music needs!"
Accepting the invitation to join a group with drums, bass, guitar, and keys, the girls joined the band that then wanted to change the name of the group. They automatically knew what they wanted to be called. August Days. This was perfect a name because it reminded the two girls of when they met and of the next August when their band got together. When they met, the days of August were fun filled with enormous amounts of color and fresh summery style. Their clothing picks are always eccentric with crazy combinations and the loose summer feel. Their music is also relaxed and exciting like a summer day. This band combines the fast paced free feeling music with a smooth and flowy classical instrument side to it. You will feel like you are back in the summer when you listen to August Days, even if it is 32 degrees outside!

Still not convinced about this wonderful group?
Check out these! August Days is influenced (for example) by these two songs.
Mix the styles together and that is what August Days sounds like!

Created by Ellie R.