Blue Horizon

This music fusion group is certainly one-of-a-kind. Composed of four Californians, this group sprang from a simple concept. The idea came when the four high school students- Leila Adams, Billy Reed, Kim Smith, and Andrew George- went on a class trip to the Caribbean. Inspired by the island's music and the modern music they liked, the four fused into a musical group like no other. Their concerts are always at a beach because they say that they "like the waves to play background."



Blue Horizon has a very interesting taste for music fusion. This group combines the tropical sounds of island music with the modern music that we are accustomed to. They blend rock, pop, hip hop, rap, and even blues with their own flavorful ring of the tropics. Their instrumentation always includes steel drums, but they also add guitars, drums, and others instruments according to the music they are blending with their island music.

~ Jessica Zultanky <3