Meaning of the name
Bobos is a term coined by The New York Times columnist David Brooks referring to the portmanteau of the words bourgeois and bohemian. The paradoxycal term alludes to Brooks' theory on how much of the ethics belonging to the upper and middle class (bourgeois) are derived from bohemian ideals. In short, the term describes how the culture of one social class may fuse with the culture of another.
BobosThe Bobos strive to produce music that blends classical music with modern themes, resulting in a rich tone that reflects a certain refined, yet subtly urban, quality. Instruments used by this quartet include the traditional two violins (played by Béla Fleck and Casey Driessen), cello (Abigail Washburn), and viola (Ben Sollee); however, many audience members have noted that the sounds produced by the Bobos are anything but traditional. To listen to artists who have influenced the Bobos, please try any of the videos below:

Advancement of Music

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