Cantus Gratius Artis was founded in 2002 when members of a classical quartet - James Forner, Michelle Quinta, Tara Grephi, and DAvid Sintroa - decided to branch off the classical genre and form a new one. This group is the most famous for not only creating a new genre, but the fact that each of the players creates an artwork while playing. Paint palettes are placed on the floor where they play and they walk on canvases as they play. After the show, the paintings are auctioned off as souveniers and half of the money made by selling the paintings is given as charity. The name "Cantus Gratius Artis" is translated "Music for the sake of art," and is a play off the motto of MGM Studios "ars gratia artis," which means "art for the sake of art."


Cantus Gratius Artis plays both classical jazz and classical pop, although they frequently blend the two styles together. In addition to creating their unique compostitions, they sometimes take famous classical pieces and transform them into variations.

Created by Samantha L.