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F.E.E.P. Machine is an alternative, indie, funk, rock, gangsta folk, metal, classic
rock, string ensemble out of Seattle, Texas
. Starting as a stand up comedy troupe, the band eventually ventured into much more substantial projects such as playing on the BBC.

The group doesn't actually play music, they just think really hard... about music. Like really... hard. if you listen closely, you can hear some of their music... right here. GO. To...a...hotel! Which most definitely has cable. So you can watch MTV. You might hear some SIGNIFICANT musical groups such as ABBA and Journey there.
Wait... it's Journey that doesn't play music....

WELL... F.E.E.P. Machine specializes in rap battles at homes for the elderly. These intense rap battles usually feature arcane pop culture references followed by a breathtaking beatbox-harmonica solo. The audience reaction is often overwhelming. F.E.E.P. Machine consists of two Violinists, a Violist, a Cellist, two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, three rappers, two beatboxers, a harmonica beatboxer, a bubblewrap popper, a cowbellist, a lightbulb player, and crickets. They tour Great Britain in a Volkswagon van looking for David Bowie.

S. Dailey