external image 2713-turning-vegetable-shredder-1.jpgNathaniel Zhu

Vegetable Shredder is the most dratic and aerodynamic Ambient/rock/rap group that you will find. All of our music comes from the natural grinding of vegetables. The grinding of oranges produces a high pitched grinding sound and when mixed with the bashing of coconuts, produces balanced binaural tone of Delta which is good for deep sleep and relaxation.

When we shred bananas, we get a soft and smooth sound that occasionally sounds like the flush of the toillet but when mixed with the hard sound of crushed walnuts produces a sweet balance of soft and hard that will simulate the sound of a maraca.

The most complex of all the wasted vegetable instruments, is the viomelon. We use celery strings to simulate the sings on the violin and we use a hollow melon as the body of the viomelon.
external image moz-screenshot.jpg

We do not waste vegetables. After playing with our instruments, we grind them all up in a 20ft by 20ft blender. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE ANTIOXIDENTS IN VEGETALES PROMOTE HEALTH AND SLOWS DOWN THE NATURAL OXIDATION PROCESS (THE PROCESS OF AGING)? We grind all the vegetables up and serve them free to the audience and can also be ordered blended with your favorite beverage.

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