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T h e G r o u p :
Hood Hoppin' is a group of artists that fuse orchestral instruments with rap and/or R&B music established in 2007. They are dedicated musicians that reproduce the music of talented artists such as Lil' Wayne, Usher, and even Chris Brown with stringed instruments. Their performances are remarkable because they only figure out everything through ear and talent. This orchestra travels around the world in and even tours with famous rappers. After every performance, they often celebrate with food, drinks, and a place to dance. They're just talented people that seek to be an inspiration.

T h e H o o d H o p p e r s:
D-Trix: Cello.
M-Diggie: Bass.
L-Money: Violin.
Hon: Violin.
Biggie: Viola.

T h e M u s i c :
Their music is a combination of classical and rap and R&B music. They focus on mainstream music and electronic beats, but not quite techno.

By: Lennore Roxas, Block 1A - Cavalier Strings! :D