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Las Tortugas
Las Tortugas are from Costa Rica. The band consists of four costa ricans, two male, two female. They all play turtle flutes that are tuned to different octaves. The flutes are not actually made from turtles. They are made from Costa Rican clay and each band member shapes their own turtle flute. The music the band performs has a very happy feel and is always in a major key. Some songs are very fast while others are slow but none are sad. During performances giant galapagos tortoises roam the stage. Sometimes one will even find its way into the audience. Parents are warned to keep small children neer as they may be mauled by a galapagos tortoise. Las Tortugas are a very family friendly group. After most performances children can participate in games or get their face painted like a turtle. Extreme fans even come dressed in turtle costumes. Attending one of the concerts is like nothing you've ever experienced.

Created by: Marina Vallad