We're Misnomer and we're a quartet from Virginia!!! We have two violinists, a cellist, a pianist, and all of our members vocalize. We write and perform all our own music. Much of our music is written just like many popular bands, but we substitute two violins for two guitars, a cello for a bass guitar, and a piano for drums or a keyboard. We all love music and especially enjoy finding new bands or styles of music to hear. One of our favorite things about being musicians is performing live because we love to talk to the audience and improv!


We take our music from a range of influences (from A*teens to Velvet Revolver!), but our most prominent influences are from bands that really reach out to do something different. The more odd the sound of a band, the more we feel the need to take it and mold it into something even more interesting. With all of these different things going into our music, it tends to end up as an ecletic mix of alternative rock, techno, classical, and even some a'capella.


Architecture in Helsinki:

Moxy Fruvous:

Hot Chip:

...Heather Duke