The members of Monochrome hail from Japan. The band consits of several vocalists, an electric bassist, an electric guitarist, a drummer, and a few other members who play various offbeat instruments such as handbells that play in select songs. The band is characterized by their adept ability to combine two unlike musical genres into one smooth song. The name "Monochrome" was chosen for its irony in relation to their music (in art the term monochrome refers to something that consists of shades of only one color). Their popular song "Kusou Breakin Nou Breakin Lily," for example, has a pop-like feeling but it changes several times to sound similar to metal while the very beginning sounds like a lullaby. English frases are occasionally included in the Japanese lyrics as well. The band is currently working on their latest album and their manager recently confirmed an international tour.


Kusou Breakin Nou Breakin Lily

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