Moon Rock
About the BandMoon Rock is a techno-rock band with a twist: all the instruments are substituted with classical instruments. In lieu of guitars, there is an electric violin and a violin, a bass instead of bass guitar, and the part of drums is played by a pianist. A synthesizer creates the necessary electronic effects for the more techno music. The pianist is lead vocal, although bass sometimes acts as harmony. The band enjoys being on tour, and will be on the road until mid 2010, when they will be settling in Miami to begin recording for their upcoming album,
The Music
This band's influences range from Mando Diao and Yellowcard to The Beatles and Belle and Sebastian. This group prides itself in its individuality and creativity, incorporating various unusual instruments throughout their music, and choosing to vary as much as possible from common themes to convey emotions and ideas through their music. Their uplifting melodies and thematically complex lyrics give off an uplifting energy that leaves their fans craving more.

The ever-great influence of Mando Diao

Amanda Johnson!