Pax Requiem, named after the Roman goddess of peace and the mass at which worshipers mourn the loss of a loved one, is a group of musicians dedicated to world peace and humanitarian efforts. Their work has brought them great critical acclaim and has brought them to widespread areas of the globe. Perhaps best know for their unusual style of performance, Pax makes a point of traveling to the most far-flung and remote areas of the world, where they provide food and lodging to anyone who can acquire a ticket to their performances. Pax is currently touring in South America, and will return to New York City later this year to record the band's first album.


Pax Requiem is considered one of the most unique musical groups ever devised because of its highly unusual choice of venues. When Pax is in a town, members of the band distribute tickets to all those who appear to be in need. These lucky people are invited to come stay with the band in a rented or temporarily constructed shelter, where they are given food for a few days while the band is in town. Concerts are usually performed outside, with no ceiling. Usually, a laser lightshow is devised to accompany the music. Pax is known for its variety of music. Selections range from nostalgic classic rock songs to classical symphonies. The band is normally comprised from two synthesizers, a drum set, two violins, and a cello. Those that have been to a Pax concert have commented that the music was as beautiful as the clear night sky.

-Robert M.