Solar Energy

Created by: Shannon Johansen

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Solar Amp

Our Group:

Solar Energy started in 2006 by Shannon Johansen. It consists of two vocalists, and three musicians all in our twenties. Our home town is Virginia Beach, Virginia. We all got the idea that we wanted to create a musical band that is like no other band ever discovered. We wanted to keep our band eco-friendly so thats where the solar energy idea came from.

How We Work:
We run all our instruments through solar energy. Because we are all engineers, we were able to make our own solar panels for each instrument. All of our instruments are hooked up to amps which is the part that is ran by solar energy. We have a solar bass and acoustic guitar and a solar drum set which plays out of the amps.

Our Music:
Our concerts are always on a bright sunny day because we need all the sun we can get! So if you ever come to see us i guarantee that the day will be perfect! We usually play at the ocean front of Virginia Beach throughout the year. We write our own music and cover some bands like blue oyster cult, red hot chili peppers, nirvana and more. We would consider ourselves more on the rock side but our band does have a twist. We turn rock songs into rap songs and/or just change up the lyrics. We are pretty much the band of Weird Al but we change our rock songs to raps. Our moves consist of the cow bell thrust and the 'what is love' head jerk. We will soon be getting a chorographer but for the time now we will stick to our moves.