The epitome of high protein, high oil content vegetables, Soya is a trio of string players who idolize the very vegetable that is present in just about every meal they eat: Soybean.

Being the obedient daughters and son they were three asian kids learned to play a variety of instruments in their school days, string instruments being their forte. It started with two asian girls and an asian boy who played only their instruments and spoke fondly about the homeland and how soy products were incorporated into most of the meals that their parents made. With plenty of protein and oil in their systems, the three made music conveying the strength of soy in their performace.

Their main instruments are violins and cellos, but their songs also convey their guitar, piano, vocal, and programming skills. The trio never fails at fusing different styles to their classical instruments. Known for their love affairs with hip hop, acid jazz, rock, and electronica, the trio's music is a blend of their love and their talent to produce music that has yet to fail to impress.


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*Neither song is in English; however, there are some English phrases.

Fan - Epik High

Salamat - Yeng Constantino