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The Group:
TWISTER! originated in the Great Plains of the United States of America in 1969, and was composed of six musicians; a vocalist, a guitarist, a
bassist, a drummer, and an instrumentalist. The group has been credited for being the first to twist Ambient and easy listening music with the sounds of nature. The sounds of nature that the instrumentalist plays is that which would be heard in a tornado, or twister. For example, the combination of a rainmaker and the sound of thunder, as well as the combination of a rainmaker and the sound of wind is typically used by TWISTER!. Currently, there are groups all across the world that are together for the purpose of fusing music with the sounds of nature that are heard where they live, whether it is a stream, the ocean, or simply the tweet of birds.

The Music:
TWISTER! creates music that focuses on the twisting of Ambient and easy listening with the sounds of nature. They claimed to have been influenced by many artists such as Enya, the Single Cell Orchestra, and the most of all, Mother Nature.

Check out the following videos to hear music from the artists that have influenced TWISTER!:
*For best effect, play Mother Nature and Enya simultaneously.

Mother Nature - Rain and Thunder

Enya - Watermark

Single Cell Orchestra - Transmit Liberation

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