The Icy Violins

Who They Are They are the Icy Violins from Lake Placid, New York. The group is made up of four violinists (Cindy Gregory, Melanie Smith, Marisa Johannsyn, and Leena Parks) and a violist (Joanie Hart) who have been playing since they were nine, but just formed the Icy Violins last year. They are the best of friends and have very outgoing personalities that come out when they are playing.

Icy??!! Melanie has also been figure skating for five years, so it is only fitting that her best friends happen to be crazy skating fans. They have a passion for music and skating. One rainy day last year, the girls were sitting in Marisa's living room looking for music for Melanie's skating routine when Joanie got the idea to form the quintet. They immediately got to work finding music that they could practice and learn to play in a week. After hours of searching with no luck, they gave up and decided to write their own song; it was a fusion of easy listening music and jazz. They practiced and by the end of the week, Melanie was on the ice skating to it. Now, they get requests from skaters all the time from across the city! The group will even perform live at ice shows and exhibitions!!

What Music They Play The group's music is a mixture of fusions between easy listening, jazz, pop, classical, and sometimes even country. They work with the skaters and their choreographers/coaches to create beautiful pieces of music. Sometimes, they will find a song of one genre they like and a song on the same topic of another genre and fuse them together. The quintet uses special, unique instruments (Ted Brewer's pink, five-string Vivo2) to make live performances fantastic.

The Icy Violins are currently working on their first homemade CD: Spectacular, expected to be out this December.

Delandra B. 4B