The Jolly Jelly Donut Holes

The Group:
The Jolly Jelly Donut Holes, or JJ Express, is an all-girls band from Joplin, Missouri that consisting of 4 members. JJ Express performs to promote a local donut shop with the same name (JJ Express), which thanks to the band, now has a chain of shops stretching to the west coast. The members of this music group are fashion forward and all share a love for doughnuts and all things sweet. After each performance, a sort of doughnut hole raffle is held. Donut holes are sold to serve as tickets. The winner, who has the only jelly filled donut hole, gets a free box of donuts.
Good Music + Donuts = one sweet combination <3

The Music:
The main music genre of The Jolly Jelly Donut Holes is generally indie/pop, with classical music often incorporated in; however, its genres range from indie to hip hop to rock to electro, and even grindcore, yes, grindcore. Instruments the members play include guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, keyboard, cello, and the occasional cowbell. This group's music is as colorful and enjoyable as a sprinkled doughnut.

By: Joan Pastor