The Understory
The Understory is a six piece band from Montreal. Their name comes from the layer of the rainforest that is under the leaves, but above the ground. It consists of shrubs, young trees, palms, and woody plants that can grow in the shade of the taller trees. The small amount of light in the understory encourages the plants to think of smart ways to survive. The band is made up of a variety of instruments which include a violin, a cello, an electric guitar, drums, and a keyboard. When the band performs, they decorate the stage to look like a real rainforest. At times throughout their shows, real animals are brought on stage that would be found in a rainforest.


The Understory have their own unique style. Their music does not fit into one genre. It is more like a mixture of many genres in one. Many of their songs sound like easy listening mixed with jazz and rap, but has characteristics of the romantic era. Their music is so unique and interesting, it'll leave you begging for more.

Created by B. Galloway