THE VIOLIN REJECTS by, Rochelle del Rosario

The violin refects are a punk/ alternative rock band made up of four girls. The uniqueness of this band comes from them fusing together the punkness of rock and the modernization of the classical. The Violin Rejects are all violinist but but chose the rock scene to show off their talents.

Vox/Violin/Guitar- Rochelle del Rosario
Drums/ Violin- Jessica
Bass/ Violin- Nicole
Guitar/Violin- Brittany

The Violin Rejects are four girls who through some uncanny coincidence have found in eachother a bandmate. IN 2008 while forced to play together in a school project they discovered that each of their unique musical talents complemented one another. Thus the Violin Rejects were born and a new music fusion of classical and punk entered the musical world, bigger than any band who has done the same in the past. Yes, even Yellowcard.
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