Two Sticks and a Trash Can Two Sticks and a trash can in an eclectic drum group. It's focus is mainly drums and bohemian beats; however, it also has some guitar. The acoustic and authentic feel of the music allows it to have a unique feel and sound. The group is two male drummers, a felmale singer, and an acoustic guitar player. All of the songs have a different flare. Some are more country, while others are more like pop. The idea of the band it to take everyday household objects, such as a trash can, and make new and fresh flavors to music. The band adds at least one new homemade instrument at each performance. IHMM-Phil-GardenHose.jpgAudience members are selected on the spot to play the new instruments. Next Concert: Two Sticks and a Trash Can LIVE Virginia Beach Amphetheater 2/29/09 :) || Created by: Georgia McKown