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Und3rCover received its name because they refuse to show their face in public. They met at a night club in Vegas after being forced there by unknown parties. They are a new group and do not want to compete with the major music fusion so they stick to remixes. They add a beat to dance to and some guitar/ violin. Most of there songs involve a computer and or a DJ to mix them. Their music has no lyrics because they are just too cool to think of any and lyrics with classical don't sound as cool. They wanted to add cultural music but could never decide so they left it out. So mostly they are lazy people who love the classics and to play music. Yea!

The group is composed of four people
Violinist “Twin One” Farthest right picture "silver"
Guitarist “Twin Two” Farthest right picture "orange"
Pianist “Bow Tie” Left the one playing piano
DJ “Snickers” Middle "he has a lollipop in his mouth"

Latest Album: "Mirror Contrast"

Supernumerary_rainbow_02_contrast.jpgWarning! Contains aw3some remixes of Bach, Vivaldi, and many others!

They are known for remixing classical music while adding a techno flare. They are also known for not usually playing together as a group but rather individually. Check out "Twin Two" playing below and "Twin One's" new songs

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-Yours Truly, Christa Carpenter.