Do you ever get bored of looking at the serious faces of the musicians on stage? The band "SMILE" won't keep U bored. This band which consist of 4 members (bob,violin; bobby,cello; bill,piano; billy,guitar) has a unique factor which is their awesome amazing smile. They -unlike other musicians- think it's important to keep the attention of the crowd on their faces, so they won't stop smiling for the whole concert. Their smile is not the only thing amazing about the group, their music is just as tremondously pleasant. The music they perform consist of modern pop style that keeps everyone happy and leaves the heart feeling warm and cozy. The crowd usually desires to see them when they are feeling depressed and they need to be cheered up, or if they are already feeling happy and just need an extra boost. Many people love this band because it helps them get over their troubles by feeling happy and smiling. Smile's important quote is "smiling makes you a happier and better person."
by: SeHee Kim